See Through Her Eyes

Imagine that’s your eye you are looking out of; out into a world that doesn’t understand. You stay inside day after day, standing in the same spot as you watch your life go by. They shove their fists inside you, 9 months later you give birth to a magnificent baby. You think it may have all been worth it— until they take her away. You never seen her again— yet her cries haunt you at night. They pump your swollen breasts dry and they spray paint them green. You are suddenly surrounded by other mothers who are as exhausted as you. You’re together in that truck, wondering what more they could do. Arriving at the slaughterhouse, where they take you for the rest of what they think you’re worth. Your last moments make your entire life of suffering only a drop in the bucket. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it is. I wonder what last thought passes through their mind as their eyes search to meet our own.