Driver Shouts "I'll Call The Cops!!"

I try to respect this driver as I know he is irritated by my presence- and often vocalizes his opinions shouting out the drivers window. He will also disrupt traffic acting out in dangerous ways that enhances the sufferings the pigs are experiencing trapped inside the trailer. 

That being said, my heart will never let me ignore the gentle pink snouts that poke out at me. I gently reached my fingers inside. Not a moment passed and I heard him screaming "Touch them again and I'll call the cops!" 
Knowing that this is the same driver that has already tried to charge an activist for feeding water to thirsty pigs, and that he lost the highly publicized trial- I replied, "Yeah. And you'll lose the trial."
He was obviously offended by my snarky remark and called me a "Big mouth". I tried to communicate that it wouldn't do anything for either of us for him to call the police- as I was doing absolutely nothing wrong.